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Agricultural machinery repair

Installation, reconstruction, repair, installation of zernoochistitelny equipment.
Installation, reconstruction, remrnt, installation of zernoochistitelny equipment. We are engaged in repair, installation, installation, reconstruction of zernoochistitelny equipment. Installation, reconstruction of ZAV-20, ZAV-40. Sale of the zernoochistitelny BTsS-50 car. Noriya. The wide...
Group: Repair of agricultural equipment
Repair of zernoochistitelny equipmen
Repair of zernoochistitelny equipment. We make repair of any complexity, the BTsS zernoochistitelny equipment - 25, BTsS - 50, noriya, grain loaders with departure of repair erection team. Available spare parts and accessories.
Group: Repair of grain cleaning equipment
Reconstruction and installation of ZAV - 20, ZAV - 40 g Zhytomyr
We perform works on installation, reconstruction of the ZAV zernoochistitelny complexes - 20 and ZAV - 40 in the territory of the customer. Installation of BV bunkers - 25, BV-40 and other zernoochistitelny equipment. Experience and reasonable prices. Available zernoochistitelny equipment and...
Group: Repair of agricultural equipment


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